DeVonn Francis

About DeVonn
Chef and artist DeVonn Francis is a Virgina-raised creative who is reshaping the culinary scene as we know it. He is the mastermind behind Yardy World, born in 2017, as a one of a kind hospitality group. Yardy World uses its flexibility and ingenuity to navigate spaces in a way that utilizes food to authentically engage with people, and their stories and identities. It produces experiential dinner parties, creates brand campaigns, and develops activations in order to redefine and reaffirm the importance of diversity and inclusivity in the New York landscape.

DeVonn uses his culinary practice to explore the role of food and art in Caribbean culture to then present it in an inviting, original way. Helping to lead the way in a blossoming queer culinary scence, DeVonn's efforts have been profiled by a veritable who's who: Food & Wine, Vice, BuzzFeed, WWD, New York magazine's The Cut, and Dazed magazine. DeVonn is extremely active in the LGBTQ community, prides himself on being a first generation Jamaican American, and staunchly advocates for his communities.


1. Playlist based on your natal chart crafted by DeVonn
2. Xula’s uff! Touch and Soothe salve
3. Black Futures by Kimberly Drew & Jenna Wortham
4. “No-need-for-a-special-occasion-statement cake” by Yardy
5. (2) bottles of Shaquanda’s hot sauce

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