Emily Schildt

About Emily
Emily Schildt is the founder of Pop Up Grocer, a traveling showcase of emerging trends in food and beverage products. The novel concept allows visitors to discover new brands and items in a beautiful, curated, educational environment, unlike a traditional grocery store. Pop Up Grocer has opened 3 of its stores in New York City, in the Soho area and Williamsburg, as well as locations in California and Texas. Prior to founding Pop Up Grocer, Emily ran a communications studio called Sourdough. Emily loves vegetables, facials, nature, and spending time alone, and is currently enjoying setting up her new home in the East Village.

1. Gossamer Magazine’s Vol 4 and Vol 5
2. $50 gift card to Fox Fodder Farm for a special bouquet
3. A microcurrent facial by Amity Murray, NYC
4. A delivery of gluten free bread to you and a friend from Knead Love Bakery (delivered in their cotton tie-dye tote)
5. Curated box of Pop Up Grocer goodies selected by Emily! (based on the winner’s preferences)

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