Mari Andrew 

About Mari
Mari (rhymes with starry) is a writer, artist, speaker, and flamenco enthusiast, living in New York.

Mari grew up in Seattle, went to college in Chicago, taught English in Chile, and spent a few years working a series of retail/food/nonprofit jobs in Baltimore and DC. 

Her first book, Am I There Yet? is a collection of observations from being in her 20s and navigating the murky waters of dating, heartbreak, grief, moving, finding community, and creating home in a studio apartment.

She wrote her second book, My Inner Sky, when she was recovering from illness and finding home within herself again. It’s an ode to the experiences that make up a whole life, not necessarily a purely happy one. It will be published in March 2021 by Penguin.

Mari leads workshops on creativity, healing, and personal resilience, and she speaks on these topics, too!

1. Custom painting of the winner at an NYC restaurant by Mari
2. 3-month Keap candle subscription in Wood Cabin
3. Boxed St. Agrestis negroni - 20 negroni’s worth
4. Candy Stripe journal from Easy Village Postal
5. Haptic Lab’s Central Park Quilt
6. Jiva Apoha Sukhin body oil
7. La Sirena’s Otomi hand-embroidered panel 13’’x17’’
8. (2) Il Buco vita espresso cups

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