Trinity Mouzon Wofford

About Trinity
Trinity Mouzon Wofford is the Co-founder and CEO at Golde, a Brooklyn-born health and beauty brand. With her partner, Issey Kobori, she founded Golde in 2017 with the mission of bringing accessibility to the wellness industry via approachable products powered by superfoods. Since launching the brand at age 23, Trinity has become the youngest woman of color to launch a brand at Sephora, and has been named one of Forbes 30 Under 30.

1. Golde superfood bundle (clean greens face mask, pure matcha, superfood latte sampler)

2. Peet Rivko gentle cleanser

3. Supernal Cosmic Glow face oil

4. Dimes Emotional Eating cookbook

5. Dimes dates...literally the best dates I have found in NY

6. Saraghina bakery granola

7. Sounds tea bundle 

8. Dripkit Coffee signature drip and sip

9. $150 Fleurotica gift card (delivery ONLY in NYC)

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