Paola Velez

About Paola Velez

James Beard Award Nominated Pastry Chef Paola Velez was raised both in New York City and the Dominican Republic, she’s become an advocate for equitably sourced food and sustainability, Velez uses her resources to help her communities and the restaurants she works with to make impactful change. A graduate of Le Cordon Bleu in 2009. Co-Founder of Doña Dona, a Latin American popup to benefit Ayuda DC an organization that supports the restaurant industry Undocumented workforce. As well as Bakers Against Racism a worldwide bake sale that has raised over $1.9 Million for organizations that support Black Lives and Black communities globally.

What’s Inside?

1. A bottle of bourbon from Republic Restoratives - Womxn owned and made liquor cause I need a drink.
2. Twelve cookie bundle pack from The Salty Heifer because Cookies!!
3. Three candles from Lita + Ro
4. Loisa Sazon Starter pack, includes 2 adobo and 2 sazon spices “cause F* G*ya”
5. Amazi Foods Chili Plantain Chips (four bags) because Plaintain Chips!!!
6. “You Are Exactly Where You Are Supposed to Be” Popart by Reggie Black. Popart that pulls me through.
7. (Four) Diop Facemasks: “Wear a mask & make it fashion”
8. Calabash Tea & Tonic assortment of tea-pussycat , tea-yonce , tea-sorrel

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