Andy Baraghani

About Andy Baraghani

Andy Baraghani is a New York-based writer and recipe developer. At 17, he began working at world-renowned restaurant, Chez Panisse. From there, he continued his culinary training in some of the top restaurants around the country, including Gary Danko, Corton, and Estela. By the time he was 21 he was running a monthly pop-up featuring seasonal Iranian food outside of his Brooklyn apartment. He was recruited to be the food editor at Tasting Table at age 23. In 2015, he joined Bon Appétit as senior food editor. His work has also been featured in Saveur, The Financial Times, Gather Journal, BBC, Jarry.


1. Costa Brazil Skin Ritual pack
2. Chardonnay vinegar from Omed
3. Winona Ryder T-shirt from Stone Age Standard
4. Incense Bundle from Incausa

5. Koda Farms Kokuho Rose Rice

6. The Essential Trio from Diaspora

7. Custom Pocket Knife from Pretziada

8. 30 Minute Ask Andy (Almost) Anything Zoom session

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